YouTube Featured Bedtime Reminder for Android and iOS Users

YouTube Bedtime Reminder

YouTube is now expanding the management options for screen time on Android and iOS smartphones. Gradually, users can now set an individual reminder, for example when it is time to go to bed. The “Bedtime Reminder” or reminders for bedtime for YouTube is initially be released for users of the Android and iPhone apps, according to an announcement from YouTube.

However, the updation will take time to publish for everyone. The new function enlarges the possibility introduced some time ago to be reminded when seeing a video, to take a break from time to time, and to take your eyes from the phone. Since watching on YouTube also means that you can watch videos for hours instead of sleeping, for example, this is a practical solution to remind yourself that it is time to put the device away.

YouTube share about the Bedtime Reminder, “Let you set reminders at specific times to stop watching videos and (you guessed it!) Go to bed. You set start and end times in your settings, including whether or not you want the prompt to interrupt a video or wait until the video is over. You’ll also be able to dismiss or snooze the reminder. This feature is available on Android and iPhone devices and will roll out to all users in the next few days.”

YouTube Bedtime Reminder

Let’s take a look of other related features to help with your digital wellbeing-

Time Watched Profile – The update will help you to view how much time you spend in YouTube to watch videos today, yesterday or the past 7 days. This could be really helpful to manage their watching videos along with a full suite of tools.

Take a Break – YouTube update notify to take a break while watching videos. Users can specific times in-between every 15,30,60,90 or 180 minutes and your video will pause while the intervals until you dismiss or resume playing the video. Users can find the feature in settings and its default “off” and can be enable or disable via settings.

Scheduled Notification – The feature will let you all the notification you can receive from YouTube in a single combined notification. Users can set a specific time to get a specific notification time period one day. Users can find the feature in settings and its default “off” and can be enable or disable via settings. In a scheduled time period, you will receive all notifications including live streams, upload and comment notification.  By turn on this feature, users won’t see any notifications until the live stream ended.

Disable Sounds and Vibration for Notification – While scheduled time period, YouTube will send you notifications to your phone silently. By turn on this feature, users won’t send any notification between 10pm and 8pm or customize the start and end time from your settings.

YouTube Bedtime Reminder

Similar options are known from other applications, so it was time for YouTube to introduce somethings like this to remind itself to switch off the app. The company has launched a number of digital health tools, including viewing the average viewing time, rest notices, etc. in order to allow users to browse YouTube’s massive video, but also balance a healthier life.

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