The trending new WhatsApp features have been grabbing the interest of million of smartphone users. Within the existence of a decade, WhatsApp has reached 109 countries as per the Android Device Usage Data. The instant messenger app has traveled a lot in these 10 years for being user-friendly. It was built as an easy, safe and trustworthy way for messaging. After years, it grew like anything and changed its features for the millions of admirers. Now it is again on the gleam with numerous new exceptional features. Now let us introduce the newbies regarding the WhatsApp features.

You are the king of your data

WhatsApp is an app which can work with a minute amount of data. Now, it has become more data- friendly by offering this new feature which let the user decide and change whether to use mobile data, Wi-Fi or any other sources to download the data. If you are a stranger to this feature, go to your settings > data > storage use this will be very helpful to save your data. You can see also an option of low data usage which will allow low consumption of data during video and audio calls.

Don’t worry about mistakes

All of the WhatsApp users might have sent the wrong messages or messages to wrong user at least once. Now there are no worries on these mistakes as WhatsApp introduces the option for deleting messages. You have heard it right. Now you can delete the wrong messages by just a long press on it. After the long-press, a notification will pop up asking whether to delete the message or to cancel the selection. After deleting the message will be replaced by another one: “This message was deleted”. This will help the user to confirm that the message has been deleted.

Control your read receipts

WhatsApp now allows you to hide the read receipts from others. If you don’t want others to find out whether you have read the message or not, you can use this new feature. You will just have to go to Settings > Privacy > Read receipts. The thing you should keep in mind is that even you cannot see the read receipts of others and this is not applicable to group chats.

Choose the groups too

Some of the users find the groups as annoying. There are plenty of users who don’t find easy to leave the group as it may seem harsh. WhatsApp now is giving a remedy for this too. It now provides an option of group invitation as people can only invite you to join in a group where none of them can add you directly without your permission. This invitation will expire in 3 days. Users can go to the menu, select Account > Privacy > Groups to enable this feature.

Not only words even money can be shared

WhatsApp is coming with a new feature called WhatsApp pay. Using this feature user can send and receive money through WhatsApp chats itself. Only the users with this feature can send and receive money. This feature might be updated after by its official launch which is scheduled for the end of this year.

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