xHelper - Android Malware that Reinstalls after Factory Resets


Android mobile operating system is threatened by another dangerous malware "xHelper" that can install itself on infected devices even after it has been wiped out from the device after having done a full factory reset. The dangerous malware was pointed out by Malwarebytes in May 2019.

It has been identified as a Trojan dropper, which automatically installs malicious APKs in your device as without users being aware of it. Users may notice an icon or notifications from unfamiliar apps, then your smartphone is infected by this kind of malware. Ars Technica, the company published account of a new victim of her device having two xHelper variants on her device, although the malware resurfaced on her device within an hour. She did factory resets on her device and it wasn't enough to make the malware go away.


Malware, is a major problem that comes in between 100 and 400 apps pre-installed. The team did remove the malware from devices but they are still not sure how it thrived even after doing a factory reset.

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