Wunderlist Founder Announces New Productivity App Superlist


Christian Reber, the founder of the popular app called Wunderlist, announced that he is preparing for a new app called Superlist. On the landing page of the website prepared for the application, there is a message that is to enable “supercharged productivity for teams of the future.” With this message, the target of the application is revealed.


Apart from understanding that there is a tool for productivity, it is unclear exactly what Superlist will do. However, it seems logical for Reber to return to a ground that he got used to with his new venture. Some details were shared in a newsletter called Protocol. Accordingly, some of the Superlist team are those coming from Microsoft. Reber considers its new application as an investment in Wunderlist's next generation.


Reber founded Wunderlist in 2011 and Microsoft bought this company in 2015. In 2017, Microsoft announced that this product will eventually disappear for the To-Do application. Microsoft To-do is a product integrated directly with the Office software suite. Late last year, Microsoft announced that it would close Wunderlist on May 6, 2020. Perhaps it's not a coincidence that Reber chooses the day before Wunderlist closed to announce its new venture. Thanks to the employees at Wunderlist, Reber makes it clear that he was looking for employees for his new venture.

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