WordPress Gutenberg 7.1 is Here with Big Scope of Improvements

The latest version of the WordPress Gutenberg 7.1 comes with a lot of upgrades. In this version, users may face a slight performance lag, but the improvements are sure to override those concerns.

A New Welcome UI - A renewed welcome UI interface screen for users to work with the Gutenberg block editor.

Table Captions

Table Captions - Gutenberg 7.1 unveiled Table Captions that allows users to add captions below tables. and a new UI mechanism to toggle between edit and select modes. Users can edit and make changes inside the table with editing mode and the select mode allows users to select a table element. It makes table performance really helpful or users can download a plugin and create a table with the latest features which is more interesting when using a plugin.

For Ex - League Table by DAEXT, a premium table plugin has multiple features that is more useful and flexible for users.

Improvements in Mobile Editing - The mobile editing UI is a fixed toolbar for editing text elements, such as paragraphs, links, etc. It is also added with the ability to select multiple blocks when editing from mobile devices. Let's take a look on new mobile toolbar function on WordPress mobile toolbar GitHub page –

WordPress has PHP 5.2 compatibility code from RSS block that allows users to renew the version of PHP, and now it’s currently in the 7.x version. Updating to the latest version of PHP is the only way to speed up your site to prevent sites from getting hacked.

Bug Fixes - The company has fixed two dozen bug fixes where the CSS styles of the ColorPicker component was one among them.

WordPress mobile toolbar

Performance Benchmarks - The performance benchmarks indicate that the Gutenberg interface is becoming slower. Gutenberg 7.0 and 7.1 has a difference between one second and it’s not a big deal for performance, perhaps over time, the performance will improve.

perfomance benchmark

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