Why HTML Site Map is Important: Benefits of Having One

 Site Map is something that helps viewers to surf through a website. This helps the user to reach where they wanted to go to the website. An HTML site map is made by thinking of users in mind. They try to make the users gain access to what they want. An HTML site map is a page of your site that briefs the structure of your website. It also adds links to your important web-pages. It is one of the main tricks that can be used by bloggers and other web publishers. But most of them don’t take it as important. There are two types of sitemaps- XML and HTML. Some people advice that one of them is enough, there is no need of HTML site map if you have XML. This is a blunter according to the points that are going to reveal here through this article. 


Search engine visibility: It is very helpful for quick access. The search bots will be able to follow the link that has provided in HTML site map. Otherwise, the bots may not see your site. At the very least it can help you organize your content by theme, topic or category. It can drive users to the areas of the site where you want them to go.

Organizing websites: For a big website it will be hard to organize things according to each user. While using an HTML site map can help you over here. It will organize things as user-friendly.

Interlinking: This help to organize a web page. Interlinks are links that point out another resource. This has more value than other direct links.

Highlighting purpose:  HTML site map is a content-based document, thus it serves as a value highlighter. You can improve this by adding catchy and relevant keywords. 

More views: Your views will be increased and viewers will be satisfied as the HTML site map help your viewer to find out what they need from your website, super easily.

Find out duplicate: After having a big website it will be hard for you to find out whether there are duplicates of any content on your site. But fortunately, your site map will help you over here.

If you ask which site map you should own, what I can do is just telling you what is the difference between those two. HTML is written for human while XML is written for search engines. The people who are lost amid their search will be supported by HTML. At the same time, the web crawlers can have quick access to your website’s important information by analyzing your XML file. From this information, you should find out which one will be useful for you. In the case of SEO Gods, they will be pleased if you have both site maps.

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