WhatsApp latest version causing huge battery drain on Android phones

The latest version of WhatsApp has introduced many changes to Android phones, such as fingerprint lock, group privacy, and dark theme, etc. Unfortunately, it is a big headache for users. For those who have updated WhatsApp to try and enjoy these new features, the phone battery drain caused by the app is brewing trouble for users.

Many Android phone users have stated that the battery drain is even faster even on popular flagship phones. This problem has been seen in the OnePlus and Samsung devices. Battery Drain has been informed by many OnePlus users as the latest WhatsApp update was released. Users experience an average of 33 - 40 percent battery drainage and these OnePlus smartphones use Android 9 and Android 10 OS.

But that's not the only problem with OnePlus phones. Many users who use phones, including Samsung, are reporting similar problems. After installing the latest update, users of Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 10 series are reporting an increase in battery drain from WhatsApp. Some Google Pixel and Xiaomi users report this as well.

WhatsApp's version 2.19.308 is responsible for the bug, but WhatsApp has not yet attempted to solve the problem. However, if battery drain is making a lot of problems it is advised that you uninstall the application and try to reinstall it from Play Store. WhatsApp users recommend this solution in Reddit forms to prevent battery draining problems and hopefully a patch will be made soon to fix the problem.

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