WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Doesn't Delete Media Files.

whatsapp for everyone

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone is a platform that is used by all WhatsApp users. This feature can be a blessing in many cases. There will be no WhatsApp users who are not aware of this feature. The new feature, users can delete a message or change a picture or video. It can prevent people from reading the message that was sent to them unexpectedly.

Reports suggest that the media in group chats will remain on the phone of iPhone users (who have been given the option to save to the camera role) even though the media message on WhatsApp has been deleted through the Delete for Every option. Hacker News reports that the application security consultant has said that such files cannot be viewed on WhatsApp.

The situation on Android devices is different. Media images on WhatsApp on Android devices are uniformly removed from the device's Picture Gallery and WhatsApp. The report states that WhatsApp has no guarantee that such files will be deleted from the device's storage and that it does so outside the capability of Delete for Everywhere. Users who do not currently have the option to save to the automatic camera role will not have access to such deleted media files.

It plans to change the functionality of the Delete for Everybody feature in the future. This feature is working properly, and using the 'Delete for Everyone' feature in time will result in media being removed from the WhatsApp chat thread. We provide simple options to help iPhone users manage the media they receive from friends and family, per the best practices established by operating systems. If a user chooses to save images to their camera roll they are stored out of reach of WhatsApp's 'delete for everyone featureā€ WhatsApp said.

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