Wearable technology- Turning body into a battery

Wearable technology is gaining more importance nowadays. Thanks to the researchers of the University of Colorado Boulder. They have developed a wearable technology that is low cost and turns the human body into a battery. We could wear the device in the form of a bracelet, ring, or any other form of accessory which touches the skin. The device taps with the heat of the person, thus becoming thermoelectric generators that convert the body heat into electricity.

Wearable technology- Turning body into a battery

This wearable device could generate energy of 1volt for every cm2 of the skin space. Even though it is less voltage per area, it can be used to power watches, fitness bands, etc.

Xiao, associate professor of the Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder said that " In the upcoming future, one must be able to power the electronics without a battery. He also said that when using a battery you need to replace it. But through the wearable thermoelectric device, constant power could be achieved.”

Device Structure

  • Contains a polymine base.
  • Many Thermoelectric chips are connected to the base.
  • These chips are connected using liquid metal wires.
  • The device looks like a cross in between the bracelet and a small motherboard computer.

Applications of the technology

When we are in an exercise, the body gets heated up. This heat is radiated to the air surrounding us. Xias's wearable device could capture that energy without wasting it. The device generated power could be increased by adding more generators.

If the device got any form of tears, one could pinch it out and seal them back within minutes. After the use of the device, one could separate the electronics and the polymine base and could be reused again.

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