Virtual reality helping to treat fear of heights

About 5% of the population is experiencing issues related to height and exposure therapy type treatment options are done. But this method is not efficient.


Happy news...Now it is not essential to fear heights. Hands off to the researchers at the University of Basel. They have developed an app called Easyheights led by Professor Dominique de Quervain based on virtual reality for smartphones. Also, they have performed a clinical trial to understand its efficiency. Most of the trial performers who have utilized the app for about four hours at home showed an improvement in height issues.

Virtual reality helping to treat fear of heights

The app makes use of images of real locations at 360 degrees. These images are then captured using a drone. The app could be utilized by people on their smartphones along with a VR headset. While using it, the user must stand on a platform at 1m above the ground. After some time, the platform would rise. And slowly the height increases without any increase in the fear.


The efficiency was studied by the team using 50 participants who undergone training using Easyheights and this was compared to the control group who did not experience the app. The participants were asked to ascend the Uetliberg tower. The researchers recorded the height level and the fear level and they were compared with that of the control group. The group who experienced the training showed efficient results. Also, it proved better compared to exposure therapy.


People who are suffering from the fear of heights are soon going to get the app from the stores and would be able to experience a better life by training themselves.

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