Vecnos 360° Pen-Camera - Reinvent The Selfie for Social Media Natives

Vecnos, a new startup developed by Ricoh that creating an advanced camera including a pen-like 360° selfie camera that specially designed for selfies. Vecnos partly from the Ricoh Theta team and in 2018, Ricoh decided to start a new business to creating "specialized cameras for a new generation of consumers."

vecnosThe company's latest pen- 360 camera sets out to "reinvent the selfie” for social media users. The prototype camera has officially revealed, but the company said, the device has 4 lenses optical system with 3 lenses on the sides and a single lens on top of the device. A new mobile app for the device is currently under development and can quickly share pictures and videos on social media platforms via an app.vecnos


“Our objectives are to combine ease of use with advanced capabilities for shooting, enhancing and sharing images, in beautiful and elegantly designed products that people will want to use. We aim to inspire a new generation.”

The device is super-compact, the ultra-light pen-sized camera fits conveniently in your pocket or purse. The device has an inbuilt power button, a shutter button, and a dedicated button to switch video or image to be pair of holes for an internal stereo microphone and the product will be available in 2020.

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