Twitter Warn Users About Tweets Containing Fake Covid-19 Information

twitter warn

Twitter announced that it will start adding tags and warn users when a tweet contains misleading information about COVID-19. This is part of their strategy to combat disinformation during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter said, " Our teams are using and improving on internal systems to proactively monitor content related to COVID-19. These systems help ensure we're not amplifying Tweets with these warnings or labels and detecting the high-visibility content quickly. Additionally, we'll continue to rely on trusted partners to identify content that is likely to result in office harm. Given the dynamic situation, we will prioritize review and labeling of content that could lead to increased exposure or transmission."

twitter tag

The new Twitter tags will provide links to a site with information curated by the platform, or to a trusted external source that contains verified information about what was written in the tweet in question. According to the social network, the labels will allow users to make more informed decisions about what they see on the platform.

Twitter will also display warning messages if the information in a tweet conflicts with guidelines established by public experts. The warning will be displayed before you can see the content of the publication, handling very similar to that of Facebook regarding publications with the content of a sensitive nature. It is worth mentioning that these tags will be added to publications that certain information that is not considered serious enough to be removed.


In March, Twitter updated its rules to help curb disinformation about the new coronavirus, noting that posts that dismiss expert recommendations against COVID-19 and encourage the use of fake treatments would be removed from the social network. The social network indicated that it will take measures based on whether that information has already been confirmed as false or misleading by experts, if the veracity of the information is unknown, and if the information has not been confirmed at the time of publication.

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