Twitter New Feature That Allow to Limit Who Can Reply to Tweets

Twitter replay to tweets

Twitter testing the latest feature that enables users to limit who can reply to a tweet. The feature was introduced earlier this year.  It’s similar to Facebook post view settings, and now it has an icon in the corner. Tap the icon to bring up the “Who Can Reply?” window. In that window, the user can pick three options – Everyone, People you follow, and Only people you mention. If you prefer the second or third option, the replies to those who aren’t involved in this selection are grayed out. You can see, like, and retweet, but you cannot reply directly to the person who tweeted. The Thread also indicates that replies are limited.

Currently, one “very limited people” can use this test feature, but anyone with a Twitter account can view conversations. Due to the test mode, there is no guarantee that this feature will be available worldwide. However, Twitter said, “The roll out is designed to give people more opportunities to weigh in while still giving people control over the conversations they start.” Twitter replay to tweets


Suzanne Xie, director of product management, mentions the existence of “Reply Guys” in a post announcing the feature. The biggest strength and weakness of Twitter is the open platform, just like Facebook. Anyone can reply to a tweet- that’s not always ideal for the sender. Regarding of the topic, replies can lead to abusive reactions. Until now, locking accounts has been the only way to prevent this.

This effort follows a recent move to tweak the reply functionality, including threading reactions. Obviously, in recent years, the modification of the reply function has become a top priority. So far, the response has been mixed, at least judging from the reply to the tweet of this new feature announcing the new feature.

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