Turn your skin into a touchpad- Google innovates smart tattoos.


Dear tattoo lovers, here is your news. Google is now working on a tattoo. Not an ordinary tattoo, but a smart one. Well, obviously, the tech giant is not going to create a simple tattoo. Google has been researching to find out the possibilities of turning a run-on tattoo into a touchpad.

The tattoo, known as SkinMarks, includes sensors in it which help to turn the skin as a touchpad. You can apply this on the curved areas of your body. Well, they can’t be too elaborate as those you see on your local ink parlor. But if you were hunting a tattoo that features light-up displays, this is for you.

Google SkinMarks can be triggered through tapping or swiping gestures, as other touchpads on your phones and laptops. But some of them can be activated by other fine skills like bending your fingers and more.

Researchers at the University of Saarland in Germany in 2017 White Paper suggested that a touchpad that exists in the body is a more natural way to interact with technology than using a special device. F or example, instead of whipping your phone to check the weather report, you can tap your index finger to hear a complete report of what's in store for the day.

The team writes, “Through a vastly reduced tattoo thickness and increased stretchability, a SkinMark is sufficiently thin and flexible to conform to irregular geometry, like flexure lines and protruding bones.”

Tattoos for Google's skincare are created using screen printing ink on tattoo paper. The material then cures thermally and it to be applied to the skin. Although some prototype versions look like cartoons or light-up displays, the possibilities are virtually endless. The experiment is in progress at Saarland University in Germany.

Smart tattoos can unlock a variety of new ways to interact with our technology, but they also raise privacy concerns. You can turn off the phone when you're tired of Google snooping on your online activity. But with the smart tattoo, it will be harder to break the connection.  Yes, the smart tattoo is cool for sure, but like any other object, this too will have negatives. Keep in mind that it could come with some unnecessary side effects.

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