Tools that can help you find the lost devices

You might Apple AirTags have been seen in newspapers recently—as new Apple products are normally these little tracking drives are only the latest in a long line of tabs to protect your phones, tablets, and laptops.

The position of the tracking features used on our devices are subject to legitimate private protection issues and, the advanced they are, the more troublesome they can be (see this article on how Apple AirTags can offer people who are harassed and stalkers).

This type of location tracking can cover all type of objects, from bags to key chains, AirTags and Galaxy SmartTags, tile trackers, and all other similar products, this. Even if anything does not indicate its location, a device that is can be connected.


Let's start with Apple as AirTags have just been launched. This tracker can be preinstalled on iPhones, iPads and Macs through the Find My app. It is also accessible via the iCloud portal and can be accessed via any web browser computer.

Most Apple products of modern design can report their position through Find my — not only phones and laptops, but AirPods and Apple Watch too. This app cannot find the Apple Pencil, but it is in the minority as far as the Apple devices are concerned. Tap your name, then find My on your iPhone or iPad in settings, or select Security & Privacy, and then Privacy on your Mac in system preferences to ensure that your devices are monitored.


Google doesn't have any application trackers in its name for AirTag-esca — not yet, though — but it has a similar function to the Apple Find My device. Each phone or tablet connected to your Google account can be displayed on a map by typing "Find my devices" when you sign-in to the Google Search Engine.

You can pick the one you're interested in from the drop-down menu, if you have several devices to your name. There are two choices on the right: Ring -to have the unit ring even though it's quiet and Recover -for locking or wiping the device.


Like Apple, Samsung provides a special tracking system that you can connect to any app to locate your missing devices. The SmartTag (Bluetooth) and SmartTag Plus (Bluetooth and ultra-Wideband) trackers function more or less like the AirTag. The tracker devices are the most accurate.

You can monitor the tags on a map or make a sound if they are within range of your phone. Otherwise, Samsung (anonymously and safely) lists other users' support of the Galaxy devices to see if the trackers can be identified and what they connect to.

So, these are the top devices that would help you to find out and protect your things.

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