Tiny wireless device sheds light on combating obesity

Obesity is one of the major issues being faced by half of the population. Leading to different diseases like heart disease, cancers, gastro problems, etc. obesity has become a major problem. Researchers at ASM University, Texas have developed a medical equipment that aids in weight loss. It just requires a simple implantation procedure. The centimeter size device gives us a full feeling when endings of the nerve are stimulated with light. The device created is entirely wireless being controlled from a remote RF source.

Wireless device to control obesity

Wireless device

Dr. Sung II Park, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering says that they only require a minimal surgery process for implantation and it stimulates the nerves in the stomach.

For the wireless device, micro LEDs are attached to the tip of its shaft which is fastened to the stomach. Harvester, the head of the device is filled with microchips essential for the device to communicate with the external RF source. The harvestor produces tiny currents that power the micro LEDs. When the source switch is ON, the LED light was found effective in suppressing hunger.

They suggested that by stimulating the non-stretch receptors, those responding to the chemicals present in the food could give the feeling of fullness even when the stomach was not distended.

The current device can be used to manipulate nerve ends present throughout the intestine with less or more modifications.

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