The Top Video Interviewing Software- Check Out the Prominent Ones

Video interviewing software or platforms have been burgeoning throughout the lock-down and the pandemic difficulties. Anyhow, they seems to be highly time-saving and providing accurate advice. If you are trying to install or in search of the best video interviewing software for you, we will help. Here are some of the topmost video interviewing platforms which is worthy enough to adapt to your recruiting team. go through it and find the apt one for you.

Video Interviewing Software VidCruiter   

One of the first video interview platforms is VidCruiter. It offers a pool of interview guides, organises automation for video interviews, and offers other useful features for hiring a newbie to your firm. Samsung, Kraft Heinz, and KPMG are some of the big fishes in their customer base. It also provides 24X7 assistance and a '1-minute' response time.


You can add up myInterview software to your existing official website. This enables you to carry out the interview in an hour. Their customer base includes FaceBook, Australia’s Hudson recruitment, British household names P&O Ferries and Ocado. They even use machine learning to evaluate the professionalism and reasoning of the candidate.


The candidate communication platform of XOR is now providing video interview functionality. Recruiters can use a mobile phone or a desktop system for live video interviews. This software helps you to give appropriate responses and ask questions with an open-end or multiple choice. The system can be used with your automation suite or stand-alone.


There is a best in class video interview module and scheduling bot in the Allyo recruiting software. If you need a high volume of recruiting, then this is the right one for your firm. This mobile optimised video interview platform will enable several candidates to attend the interview simultaneously by eliminating the need for a long queue.


HireVue started the feature in 2004 due to which we can see them as a pioneer in this sector. The founder of HireVue had to send a camera for the applicants when they started the program as web cameras weren't yet found then. They now have over 700 customers which include Intel and Honeywell.

So, these are some of the most prominent video interviewing software which is worthy enough for a try. Moreover, select the one which you think will work for you.

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