The new Led Zeppelin song composed using artificial intelligence


The history of artificial intelligence has taken on several different features. It range from the development of the neural networking theory of 1943 to the IBM-famous Watson AI, beating the two Jeopardy contestants to win a million-dollar reward in 2011.2020 is about to be such a landmark in the future. The reason is  YouTuber Funk Turkey's Led Zeppelin song mountain man that produced using AI’s strength.

Mr. Turkey used a collection of lyrics generated by a web service that scrapes a single artist's Lyrics Genius database, then cleverly divides the results using a predictive algorithm called the Markov Chain to construct a new track – and added some music, before singing the results in Robert Plant’s style. And the outcome is Mountain Man.

The keen audience may notice the video don’t have footages of Led Zeppelin. Well, turkey has explained that "I know I usually use concert footage of the band for my videos. However, YouTube keeps yanking the video for this one so that means DEPLOY THE STOCK FOOTAGE OF ADORABLE PUPPIES."

It is not the first experiment of Funk Turkey using artificial intelligence. He managed to come up with The Nickelbot back in April, using the same methods to compose a new Nickelback album, Nobody Died Every Single Day. He eventually created Great Balls, an album quite in the AC / DC vein, and Power Gravy, an AI-driven homage to Iron Maiden.

 Turkey says that the lyrics resembled a lot of Robert Plant adlib. He adds that towards the end, in particular, with the recurring 'Nevers,' which is something Markov Chains does  repeat phrases which use torepeat to infinity. It did almost 37 times repeat the word 'never,' but turkey had to cut it short to suit the album and also to freaking breath.

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