The latest low-cost speakers, headphones, and earbuds

Even though our music sense is different, every one of us has a favourite set of music that we always love to enjoy. The upgraded technology has uplifted the quality and prevision of music and brought in a paradigm shift in the way people use it. Also, earbuds, headphones, speakers, or any device we use to listen affects the impact of music. Therefore, it is necessary to buy the best and latest one to gain the best experience.

Music is the soundtrack of your life.”- Dick Clark

Does the soundtrack of your life seem vague? You cannot afford the cost of expensive earbuds? Don't worry, we are introducing some of the latest budget-friendly headphones, earbuds, and speakers here to help you enjoy your favourite playlist with the best experience. Here we go.


Razer Opus

Razer offers their new opus noise-cancelling headphone at just $200. The wireless headphone comes with a package of better sound quality, long battery, and comfy design. It has several more interesting features like the earcups that are revolvable and compactable. It promotes high-fidelity sound with a rich and balanced soundstage.


The entry-level earbuds of sony have low fan power but are really standing out. In the package, you can gain a pair of earbuds that offer powerful bass and remarkable stability. It fits you perfectly even without any hooks or fins. They are available at the prize of $100 and it sounds downright excellent for the prize. Also, the thin lid of the transparent layer of their inventive charging case ensures the device is charging properly.

Oneplus Buds

The bud is designed with an AirPod-like rigid structure by shifting from the bullet, bullet wireless 2, or any other one plus earphones. It is perfectly aligned with the OnePlus handset and it gives the most out of it when you use them together. Hence, it is better for other android users to move on to another earbud. It is available at a prize of $79. So, as usual, you will not get the high-end features like wireless charging and noise cancellation but if you want to know how does it work, check out this one.

Beats Flex

Beats flex is the smartest move from the division of the beat of Apple. This earbud comes in the shape of a neck-band, which may substitute the old ones. And the chances of this to out shape which enforced the organization to stop shipping earbuds with the iPhone 12. The flex is replacing the Beat X and is a low cost than the same with 12-hour battery power. It offers a perfect fit and removes the fear of losing.


Speakers of Ikea

Ikea has introduced low-budget speakers which is available now in the local stores of Ikea or the websites at a cost of $179 and $ 99. It is unavailable at the third party retailers.

Marshall’s Emberton 

The latest Bluetooth speaker of Marshell is available at $149. It needs a USB-C for quick charge and brings a joystick-like control. The usage is simple when you learn the combinations of buttons. Even though there are several new features nowadays, the fun and accessibility offered by the buttons are highly reliable.

So, these are the best and latest devices that are on a budget which will not make you regret buying. Check them out and find the best one for you. 

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