The C- Lab Projects of Samsung to be Revealed at CES 2020

Samsung, one of the largest electronic device producers, is getting ready unveil its C-lab projects at CES 2020. The Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) is the annual technology gathering. This is also known as the ‘global stage for innovation’. Vice president and head of the creativity & innovation center at Samsung Electronics, Inkuk Hahn, stated “We will actively support C-Lab to create products that reflect the latest market trends and customer demands and will showcase outstanding projects and startups of C-Lab in various global exhibitions,” So, what can be the innovations of Samsung this year? Let us see.

C- Lab Projects of Samsung

  • Selfie Type

The hailed innovation from the Creative Lab (C- Lab) of Samsung is SelfieType. The selfie type is the innovation that uses the selfie cam and an AI engine. They claim that no additional hardware will be needed to make selfie type work. Wondering how they work? The AI algorithm and front-facing camera analyze the finger movement. And then this is converted into the QWERTY keyboard.

  • SunnySide

This is a window shaped device that provides artificial sunlight that changes to resemble the natural sunlight. Through this Samsung offers the goodness of sunlight without the fear of sunburn and skin aging.

  • Becon

 Another project by Samsung. This help you to redand manageuce the hair fall. The device comes along with the application which can detect several conditions of the scalp which results in hair loss. It analyzes ten conditions of the scalp such as hair follicle dead skin, density, temperature, sensitivity, and humidity based on the machine learning algorithm.

  • Hyler

Samsung makes the digitization of analog far easier through this device. Hyler is a pen-like device that scans the texts into the mobile app. It also offers the “search mode”. More like the google lens but it does the work with the device not alone within the phone.

  • piBo

The humanoid robot of Samsung. This can be a very good companion for a tea talk and gathering information. piBo can analyze facial expressions. And therefore this can give more suitable answers to your question. Also, users can add new features and content which can be downloaded from its robot application store.

  • Ultra V

 This is a sensor invented by Samsung to monitor personal UV exposure. Users can monitor the skin condition and Vitamin D production which are influenced by accumulated exposure to solar UV rays. This also has a wearable design.

The C- Lab of Samsung originated in December of 2012. This lab was created as an in- house incubation program. This allowed their employees to form teams and work on a project they may find interesting while incubating startups as well. Also, these products have been showcasing in the CES.

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