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  1. Your Account Maintenance – Once you create a verified account on ‘Techie Talks’, you are accountable for all the activities happening under that specific account. Do not assign a keyword in your blog post which will mislead the visitors or is unlawful in nature. If our team comes across such an instance, we will take the initiative to remove such keyword or descriptions. If you find any unauthorized use of your technical blog articles or any security breach, kindly alert our team at ‘Techie Talks’ immediately. We are not responsible for any damages or act of omission held by you.
  2. The responsibility of website visitors – We at Techie Talks cannot review all the posts that are constantly being posted on the website. Hence, the website visitors are solely responsible for their activities on our website. Though we allow you to post the article, we do not promote any material neither do we believe that they are useful or useless. Take the necessary steps to prevent your computer system from being a target to any kind of viruses or risky content. Our website might contain some sort of typographical errors or content comprising of technical inconsistencies.
  3. Contributor’s responsibility – You are entirely held accountable for what you are posting on our website. The content can be in form of text, graphics, images, etc. The downloading or copying the content should not invade the proprietary rights. The content should not contain any virus or Trojan that will affect the functioning of a website. The content should not promote pornography or should not be destructive in nature. Also, make sure that the content isn’t spammed neither is unethical. It should not endorse any unlawful acts such as phishing etc. Your blog article won’t be advertised through any unwanted digitized messages such as spams, email lists, etc. The heading of your blog should be clear and it should be relevant to the body subject, thus, avoiding the chances of misleading the readers.
  4. Copyright – We give a wide prominence to the plagiarism aspect of the content published on our website. If you believe or come across the fact that content on our website violates the copyright acts, kindly alert our team of the same. We respond to such complaints by removing the specific content. If the writer keeps repeating the mistake of posting the duplicate content, again and again, we will restrict his/her access to post on our website.
  5. Termination – At Techie Talks, we might terminate your access to a specific part of a website or the complete website, with or without any notice, if you fail to adhere by the laws and rules. To terminate our ‘Terms and Conditions’ agreement, you may discontinue using our website.
  6. Privacy policy agreed – Abiding by the terms and conditions implies that you are ready to follow and adhere by our privacy policies.
  7. Attribution – We ensure to display the attribution links to every blog posts such as the name of the author etc. placed under your blog footer.
  8. Services – You can easily create your account on Techie Talks for free, in order to enjoy the posting and sharing of various technology related news and blogs. You can feel free to unsubscribe from our posts anytime. Also, our 24*7 technical chat supporting team will help you to deal with any issue faced on our site.
  9. Advertisement – We might display the advertisements on your blog posts in the near future.