Technologies for 2020: The Breath Taking Technology Trends of 2020

We have been witnessing the unstoppable growth of technology from the time of the stone age. Every year it has widened our eyes with the tools that have made our works easier and accurate. There are some technologies that will blow your mind in 2020. let’s discuss it.



By 2020, e-SIM technology will become commonplace in consumer electronics and company-wide IoT. Users can activate and change subscriptions without having to wait for a new SIM card to arrive or by visiting stores. The commercial introduction of e-SIM will begin to accelerate the transition from physical to digital retail. Also, we expect many new ECM services and applications to launch in the market. The coming year.

Charge rage

There is no escape from the area of the electric car. By 2020, almost all major car manufacturers will enter the market with large family cars. The sideshow of a city car is not enough. With so many new cars in the range of sizes, models and charging capabilities, the price is low and customers are responding well. For this reason, 2020 will mark the first blow against electric cars, as governments will reduce the costs of protecting their revenues and exceed the charging station requirement.

Clash of the streaming giants

Once upon a time, broadcast TV shows such as "Friends" dominated our social routines and water cooler chats . Since then, HBO and Netflix have moved into our living rooms, supplementing the still-strong broadcast and cable offerings. They now follow the latest Apple TV + Disney and other platforms, all offering exclusive content for our favorite celebrities, distributing cinematic production budgets, and delivering on native interfaces and proprietary tools. Better content than ever - 2020 will give these streaming giants a battle.

Sleep tech

How do you sleep Question "Are you okay?" As usual. Although every decent fitness tracker has a sleep monitor, sleep is not an analysis of when and how long we sleep - the accuracy and quality of current sleep tracking devices still vary greatly. In 2020, we will begin to see a new generation of fitness equipment that measures not only pulse and motion but also blood oxygen levels and brain function. Watches for Heart Arrhythmia With new capabilities, we hope that watches for sleep apnea will do just as they did last year. Sleep tech is not perfect, but it can make a difference in our ability to measure, monitor, and optimize our sleep. Could 2020 be the first year that consumer equipment approaches medical-grade accuracy? Let's sleep in this technology.

Technology Trends of 2020

Gaming gold rush

For gamers, 2020 will be a great year. Apple has already launched the arcade, not far behind Google Stadia, which represents a renewal of the gaming industry. Apple Arcade gives subscribers access to exclusive offers for download and offline play. Google Stadia is based on streaming and replaces native computational power with cloud computing. Both will broaden the footprint of gaming by 2020, with Microsoft (X-Box) and Sony (PlayStation) offering a new and stronger competition. Expect multiple industries (including telecommunications) to see aggressive play next year to pick up parts of the lucrative gaming pie.

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