Tech Together - Social Media Giants Partnered with CSIP

tech together

Social media giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter team up with the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) unveil Tech Together platform to help people with substance abuse and drug addiction through COVID-19. Tech Together has plenty of resources that help those suffering disorder or battling addiction and the associated stigma.

Enhanced recovery support meetings and personal recovery resources have been delayed due to shelter location orders during these social distances. Researchers from Johns Hopkins and Harward Universities reported, around 2.5 million US adults are using online technology to assist in their recovery and describe their recovery success by using online platforms.

Marjorie Clifton, Executive Director of CSIF said, " COVID-19 may have paused our everyday lives, but unfortunately addiction and substance misuse disorders persist. More than half of Americans know someone impacted by opioid misuse alone." Twitter associates with Tech Together to give hashtags for recovery people to join conversations. The firm provides on-time sharing stories for recovery and online community for people suffering similar battles of addiction and recovery.

A statement from CSIP, " Facebook also sees how their tools are being used to get help during this time. Whether offering crisis support over Facebook Messenger, hosting a Facebook Live support session or connecting through a Facebook Group, communities in need are coming together." Google is working with nonprofit firms to create a group of online support group and options for virtual meetings are listed on the website. Marjorie Clifton said, "We are committed to using our technologies to raise public awareness about addiction and recovery and are committed to making it easier for people to find help to battle addiction and stigma."

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