Tech Giants Recommend work from Home Due to Coronavirus

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon recommended their employees in the Seattle area to work from home due to Coronavirus. Amazon and Facebook shut down offices in the Seattle area as some of their employees were tested positive for Coronavirus. The current death rate due to COVID 19 is 3,383 and 98,698 of people are confirmed as corona positive around the globe.

COVID-19 is yet continuing its journey through the US including California and New York. The first case in the US was reported from Washington. And the current situation over here is still worst. It should be said as the most affected part of the United States. The virus has infected around 70 people and caused 10 deaths in the whole state. Let's take a look into some policies taken by Seattle tech companies for recommending employees to work from home.



  • Amazon told employees in Seattle and nearby Bellevue that staff would recommend working from home until the end of March. The recommendation comes after Amazon confirmed on March 2 that its Seattle-based employee had been infected by the novel Coronavirus. The employee left the job on February 25 and has not returned.

  • As per Geekwire’s report, Google has asked the healthy employees to do the works and do not bring visitors to the Washington based offices.

  • One of the contractors of Facebook has tested positive, and therefore the company in Seattle has shut down. CNBC reports that the employees in other companies are asked to work from home until march 31st. The visitors are also restricted in the offices. And the office, until Monday, will remain closed.

  • Even Microsoft has asked the employees in Seattle- and San Francisco-based offices to work from home till the 25th of march. 

  • In Twitter and Square, CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that the companies encourage work from home if they can work. 

  •  Bungie has asked the employees to work from home and has also rolled out the infrastructure to develop their popular game Destiny 2. 

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