Take Best Photos Using Your iPhone Camera

The default camera app for the iPhone is relatively simple. This has been a good part. But it has a lot of hidden features and photography techniques to make the most of your iPhone photos. Read on even if you have the older model or the advanced board cameras on the iPhone 11 Series.  You have no need to install other camera apps to capture best images.

Live Photos

Everyone knows about the live photo feature in the iPhone camera. And it has been there for generations. But not many people realize that you can do more in it. After capturing a live photo go to playback and swipe across the screen. Then you will be able to see several options to be applied on the photo.  There is something called long exposure which will help you to click the aesthetically elated photos like that of flowing water, and lightning. This feature can be tried both on old and new iPhone models.

Portrait mode

Well portrait mode is nothing new. But Apple says it has updated its algorithm to work better on non-human subjects when the iPhone 11 series is introduced. The main subject we are interested in is pets, and the iPhone 11 is absolutely primitive for catching your pets.

 Control the Night mode

Introduced a special mode for shooting in low light for the iPhone 11 series. This is great when left on their own devices, but it should be done if you want to add some control of your own. Night mode will switch to default when the iPhone detects that there is no more light in the scene. It works by shooting a series of short exposures and merging them together when you shoot a long exposure.

 Exposure may take a little longer - for example, if you've got a permanent surface (or a tripod) for your iPhone. Using the same method, swipe left to select the longest exposure time up to 30 seconds to get the best possible details in the dark.

Seek out the classy filters

Most people associate digital filters with apps like Instagram. No need to go anywhere near third party apps to find some classy filters to apply to your shots. We especially like the different monochrome options that give your images a timeless experience. You can choose to shoot with an already applied filter, or you can add (or remove / change) filters after the shot is taken.

To shoot with an already applied filter, swipe in the default camera app and tap the icon that appears to have three circles overlapping each other. From here, you can experiment with the various filters that the app offers. This is a feature that you can use on any iPhone models.

Capture photos outside the frame

The best feature of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is that three different lenses can be used helpfully. An example is capturing data from outside the frame you are shooting, which you can later use for many purposes. However, you will need to re-enable this setting from the main settings app.

Settings > Camera > Composition

Whenever you take a shot with a standard lens or telephoto lens (iPhone 11 Pro only), data from outside the frame is also protected. You can use this data to make useful edits in playback, such as rotation, cropping, and perspective change. You can also do this with video, which can be helpful for vloggers and video creators. If you're worried about getting extra data on your iPhone - don't worry - it will be automatically deleted after 30 days if you do not use it.

Experiment with New Ratios

By default, the iPhone camera app will shoot at 4: 3 aspect ratio, but you can also shoot at other ratios for a different effect. You can always shoot in squares (1: 1), the original Instagram friendly aspect ratio, but for the iPhone 11 series, the new 16: 9 aspect ratio has also been added. This will give your shots a cinematic experience, and as an added bonus it will look great on the widescreen of the iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro. It can also be used to get more scenes than you normally see, making it better for landscape shots.

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