Spotify Group Session – A New Party Mode Feature for Premium Users

Spotify unveils a new feature for users called Group Sessions.  The company has started testing Group Sessions this week. With it, premium users who are in the same place can connect to control what is being heard at the same time. To test the novelty, just follow the same steps used to connect to other devices, using the "Connect" button. The application will generate a code, which must be sent to whoever will share the session with you.

With the connection made, everyone within the group will be able to control what is being played, including the queue of tracks. All changes made by the user will be updated in real-time. It is worth remembering however, that the function is only available for premium members, preventing people who share a single subscription from using the resource. The novelty may also not available to everyone, considering its testing character. The platform claims that this is just the beginning with Group Sessions expansion planned for the future.

spotify group sessions

Spotify Group Sessions can be only found on mobile, so not yet in the desktop. There seems to be no limit to the function, so you can add as many users as you want. Spotify wants to expand the function even further in the near future.

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