Spotify Can Be Added to Google Maps for Direct Playback from The Map


Google adds new features and changes in Google Maps for users to make their navigation more comfortable. Also, the feature that users being unable to play music on Google Maps while driving. With the latest update from Google, users can control the music player on Map while navigating to your location by Spotify.


Spotify users can add three music players such as Google Play Music (On Android), Apple Music and Spotify. To add, there are some steps to enable and let's check how to connect your Spotify account to Google Maps on your Android phone.

If you have the latest version of app, open and login to your profile. Open Google Map and scroll down to find a navigation menu. Users can select "Music Playback Controls" and it will ask to choose a default media player.  To open this up, users can view 3 options, (again, depends on the OS, But Spotify is the constant).


To select the app in Android and iOS, you will be promoted to open the app and your account be authorized. Once the settings are completed, the Spotify's icon will show up on your navigation screen. You can browse your favorite play or recent song through Google Map without open Spotify app or any other music player.

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