Rise or Decline of Snapchat? Here’s the Reality!

In a word, yes, there has been a noted significant growth in the Snapchat users since the past few months. More than 200+ million users have been actively using this interactive app on a daily basis.

Snapchat is a globally renowned multi-media messaging app which enables you to communicate easily with friends and family. In 2019, the app gained around 13 million active users, thus, representing a tremendous growth of 8%.

Snapchat believes that the concept of app’s face filters has created a huge wave among the users, and hence, witnessed a growth in the number of users.

Studies have revealed that nearly 7-9 million users joined this trending app because of the face filters whereas around 4-6 million users joined due to the new features.

increase in snapchat users

Snapchat - New Features

Recently, Snapchat updated the app and made it optimized for the Android OS because Android is commonly used OS by a majority of global mobile users. Such updated apps can enhance the customer base with the use of Android OS.

Face Filters

Snapchat has successfully bought out the feature of applying face filters. It can make the user look like the opposite gender. The photos captured with the aid of these face filters were shared across various social media platforms so that users who haven’t yet downloaded the app can initiate the downloading.

If you haven’t yet experienced the features of Snapchat, what are you waiting for? Just download and uniquely connect with your friends.

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