Snapchat launched another AR filter “Time Machine”; goes viral

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app featured its latest augmented reality filter that goes viral among users. The new AR filter can morph a person from a baby to an elderly person with its slider. The company had previously released its original baby lens in May this year and the baby filter made an upsurge of snap users in millions from around the world. Snapchat’s latest feature is called “Time Machine”, an aging feature that allows users to rapidly age themselves. The company also posted a small video about how the latest feature works and its currently only available in iOS, and not in Android.


Snapchat users can swap one picture in 5 different stages of age groups from a baby to an old person. Time Machine AI filter has officially rolled out globally. Users can find the “Time Machine” feature from the filter section on the bottom side of the camera icon and the latest feature might appear to be the first filter. Snapchat had also previously launched other new AI filters - extend video ad length from 10 seconds to 3 minutes and the 3D camera mode for users to improve their app experience.

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