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Snapchat extends video ad length limit from 10 seconds to 3 Minutes

Snapchat, the popular multimedia messaging social platform extended the maximum duration of its video ad length from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. The company introduced video ads with ten seconds duration in 2014. Advertisers used this ten second window for their commercials and users would have to swipe up to see a longer version of the video ads.

The new update from Snapchat was set to announce the new time limit on video ads during Advertising Week in New York City, but users will still be able to skip or interact with ads as before. Last year, the company introduced non-skippable Snap Commercials. Most Snap ads are skippable so users can just tap on the screen at any time to skip the ad.

Skippable ads are one of the most illogical on Snapchat, but most companies are competing for their ads to be on the platform. With the new update from Snapchat, advertisers can add lengthy video ads and users can view at least 15 seconds in ad length. Apart from the extended video ad length on Snapchat, the company announced other new updates on Advertising Week.

The swipe-up feature for regular video ads are now being added to the video ad format that cannot be skipped so users will be transferred onto a web page or longer-form video. Digiday report said, most ad companies are investing money to publish their ads on Snapchat that are generally spend on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

“It’s a contrast to where the mobile messaging app was last September when it wasn’t even on the media plans for some paid-social campaigns. Since the turn of the year, however, Snapchat has found its way on to more of those media plans, and in some cases can account for 20% of paid social budgets.” Overall these updates from Snapchat is a good sign to evolve business offerings through ads and setting it up for future growth.

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