See how handy is SanDisk’s new card dock

The Pro-Dock 4, from Western Digital, which owns the SanDisk brand, is everything that a user expects from a card reader It enables you to mix and match four modules, which may be read and all connected with a single Thunderbolt 3 connection to your computer. Thunderbolt or a 260W power supply for charging devices and peripherals, although the SSD modules of Lexar were quite cool was not available at Workflow.

The modules will be accessible separately, which is beneficial for several reasons.

  • It helps you combine your reader’s card reading skills.
  • It lets you install Three Red Mini-Mag readers and an SD/MicroSD/CF card reader.
  • You could use four of those readers if you go all-in on CFast.
  • You can also buy additional modules instead of having to buy a new dock if you alter what you're shooting with in the future.

The modularity also makes mobility feasible. When you travel and merely have to bring a reading device with you, you may get it from the dock and carry it with you — the various readers can connect to your pc or the dock using USB-C 10Gbps.

Those who do not work with visuals or images may not require that much card-reading capability. But we don't believe that will convince you to leave these docks. It has the ability to replace all of your SD cards at the same time.

Prices are not yet specified for the dock and readers, but SanDisk hopes that they will be on sale this summer. The hub cost Lexar about $200 at the launch, plus the modules price and the costs were much lower. All of us can only wait to see the SanDisk version price tag in terror.


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