Screaming Frog launches SEO Spider Version 12.0

screaming frog pagespeed

Screaming Frog is a search marketing agency who released the new SEO tool of Spider, version 12.0. The new update consists of PageSpeed Insights Integration, Auto Database Storage Saving, customizable GUI, etc. SEO Spider, a website crawler tool analyzes sites, navigate pages with search engine functions, review SEO efforts and find recognizable areas for development.

PageSpeed is now able to increase insights, page speed while crawl and integrated PSI API that uses Lighthouse and CrUX allow to decrease page load times. The new large site crawl will help to storage file-saving and re-open-

screaming frog pagespeed

Screaming Frog users can save their data usage in hard drives by automatic saving, making re-opening database files quicker than the previous saving process. If your system is going to crash or restart, users can resume crawl without losing anything.

Users can personalize their orders or entirely remove from Spider's tab. Whether the data is stored will now affect the user's tab preferences. According to this, you can save memory from particular pages and link elements.

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