Samsung is about to release Smart Monitors soon

Samsung usually releases unusual computer monitors like Space Monitor. The company releases the Smart Monitor, the first monitor combines several top media services, mobile connectivity and, remote PC capabilities, in late 2020. Samsung is about to release the M5 line up that includes 27 inches for $ 230 ND 32 inch for $280. There are indications of an M7 line which may consist of 32 -inch 4K monitor at a cost of $400.

It is not that attractive as the aforementioned Space Monitor, even though it makes it up by carrying worthy features. The Smart Monitor of Samsung uses Samsung’s Tizen OS software, just as the TV series of it. It has connectivity to Netflix, Hulu YouTube, Apple TV, and more. You can even install other apps from the AppStore just like Samsung’s Health app.

You can mount any variant of the Smart Monitor to your wall or monitor arm 100 X 100 Vesa mounts. Each of them has built in speakers of 5W with remote control consisting of voice assistance for Alexa and google assistant.

It provides more tricks or features if you are interested in using it as a monitor. You can connect a mouse and extra keyboard through Bluetooth 4.2 and can connect to office 365 without the need for any virtual machine

Office 365 through a virtual machine as it doesn't need additional computing hardware. Your Galaxy S8 or other latest phone can power a desktop-like PC experience on the monitor.

The richest collection of connectivity goes for M7 Smart Monitor. It offers connectivity with a laptop through USB-C, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, and three USB- A 2.0 ports for data. On the other hand, M5 consists of two such ports.

M5 will be releasing most probably in the coming weeks. Also, the M7 is about to release in early December. It is buyable through or other retailers across the country.

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