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Redmi Power Bank 10000mAh & 20000mAh launched at Budget Price

Redmi launched 2 new power banks in India comes in two variant - 10000mAh and 20000mAh with 18W fast charging support. It has dual input and dual output ports to charge dual devices simultaneously.  The Redmi power bank is crafted with high-quality materials and comes in black and white options. It has a better grip to prevents pesky falls and drops with anti-slip edge texture.

It can be used for low power devices such as Bluetooth headsets and fitness bands. Just connect your device and double-tapping the power button to enter a 2hr low power charging mode. The device equipped with Li-Poly battery to be safer and deliver high efficiency for charging.

Redmi branded Power Bank with 10,000mAh capacity is priced at $11 and 20000mAh capacity will be priced by $21 comes in black and white colors. Buyers can officially available on February 18 and purchased Xiaomi online sores, Amazon and offline stores.

Redmi power bank comes in 12 layers of advanced chip protection for safe charging efficiency such as temperature resistance, protection from short circuit, reset mechanism, chip thermal shutdown protection, input over-voltage protection, protection from incorrect insertion, protection from output over-current and electrostatic protection.

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