Razer Invented Mask Vending Machine for Singapore Workers

razer mask machine

The Coronavirus is exploiting the creativity of the human being to face a problem that the modern era had not yet faced. The pandemic is turning out to be a motivation for people to bring out their most ingenious side to solve the problems it brings and the gaming giant Razer seems to have it more than clear - Mask Vending Machine.

The specialized gaming manufacturer is preparing a plan to dispense masks for its workers in Singapore through a curious vending machine. It will distribute a network of these machines throughout the city-state, where it has become mandatory to use them in public. Razer is yet another firm that has been "forced" to modify or establish production lines to meet the demand for medical products during the COVID-19 pandemic and is taking advantage of this situation to ensure that as many people as possible in Singapore have their face mask.

razer mask machine

Razer has partnered with Sunningdale Tech Ltd, a plastic manufacture to double its surgical mask production capacity to 10 million a month, after establishing a manufacturing line for this product in Singapore. This city-state maintains a national mask reserve, and made its use in public mandatory. Authorities have been searching for new sources of supply and have been developing new mask manufacturing pathways during a global shortage of medical protective equipment. Razer itself will provide up to 5 million free initial masks for citizens and residents over the age of 16. Then he will put them up for sale for a relatively low price.

This idea was stated by Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer said “Razer will continue its efforts to help Singapore become self-sufficient with facemasks." The firm will assign the masks through its Razer Pay app. Razer is one of many brands that has turned to the health cause that has caused the pandemic. Xiaomi itself has been donating face masks all over the world just like Apple. Even firms more focused on other sectors like Tesla have dedicated to manufacturing medical equipment, such as respirators.

razer mask machine

Other companies such as Sharp, such as Razer, have dedicated themselves to adapting some of their production lines to manufacture face masks and make up for the lack of medical equipment. Both Razer and Sharp brands with some merit in this field, since they are not giving away the masks, but producing them. Exceptional situations that respond to the international health emergency in which we find ourselves now.

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