Privacy Policy

At Techie Talk, our team of determined professionals has a robust faith in adhering to the set of privacy policies prepared and implemented by our team.

Purpose of Our Privacy Policy

To inform our website users or visitors about our data gathering techniques, how the information will be utilized, whether it will be shared or not shared between the third-party and how the information will be protected.

Take an in-depth insight into our ‘Privacy Policies’

  1. Collecting and protecting ‘Personally-Identifiable Information’ – Communicating with ‘Techie Talk’ might involve the gathering of personally-identifiable information, at certain times. The type of information asked for depends upon the kind of interaction you have with our support team. When you take the initiative of registering at (, you are asked to sign up with a ‘USERNAME’ and a verified ‘EMAIL ADDRESS’. If you want to get affianced with any kind of financial transaction involving Techie Talks, you are also requested to provide the financial details which are necessary to proceed with the transaction. We tend to collect only the ‘needed information’ which will serve the purpose of our individual visitors.We might use some of your personally-identifiable information, such as your email address, etc. for our marketing purposes.We disclose some of the personally identified information with our employees or close connections who need to possess a basic idea of such information to process it on behalf of Techie Talk or to guide the visitors by offering various services at Techie Talks.       Some of these employees might be based in different parts of the world and hence, by accepting our privacy policy, you give us the consent to share the information with them. We assure you that we won’t sell or rent your personal details to anyone.If you have registered your account with an email address, we will be sending out our latest notifications, blog post updates, etc. on your email id. This will give you a brief update about what’s going at Techie Talk from time-to-time. We restrict any sort of unauthorized access and prevent the occurrence of modifying, using or destroying the personally identifiable information.
  1. Cookies – Cookies is described as a sequence of information stored on the computer system of a visitor. Each time the visitor returns back to the website, the information will be provided by the visitor’s browser to the website. At Techie Talk, we use the cookies to track down our website visitors and the information that they use on our website. You can easily resent or control the cookies sent via your website browser. It will help you to get your cookie preference customized (refuse all cookies or alert when a cookie is sent).
  2. Advertisements – The advertisements that might pop up on our website – Techie Talk, will be delivered to our advertising partners, who might fix the cookies. These generated cookies will enable the advertisement servers to identify your computer or IP address every time when they send you an ad online. It will urge you to organize the information pertaining to yourself or about other individuals who might be using your computer. Our ‘privacy policy’ encompasses the use of different cookies by Techie Talk but does not entertain the use of these cookies by the advertisers.
  3. Website users/visitors – As mentioned in our first point of privacy policy, we do accumulate the personally identifiable information to obtain an overall understanding of our website visitors. We may also collect the information such as the IP address of the registered users and of the visitors who leave a comment under any blog post published on (
  4. Assembled statistics – Our team will gather the statistics details about the behavior of our website visitors. We distribute the information as stated under the clause of ‘Protecting the personally identifiable information’.
  5. Business transfers – If Techie Talk faces an unlikely event such as bankruptcy or business downfall, please note that the information gathered about our users will be transferred or taken over by the third party. Accepting our privacy policy is an acknowledgement from your behalf that such transfer will enable the sharing of your personal details with the third-party acquirer.

Change in privacy policy – Techie Talk might change its privacy policies on a regular interval but it might be minor alterations. We facilitate our website visitors to keep a track of this page so as to keep themselves updated about any modifications occurred. If you have a registered account with (, you will be receiving a notification about the changes through email.