Plume Motion Rolls Out, A Wi-Fi Motion Detection System for Your Home


Plume Motion, a new type of home motion detection technology system allows your wireless devices to operate together to detect movement in your home to inform you when your family members or guests enter or leave from your home. The latest technology turns any smart device in your home into a motion sensor, using Wi-Fi radio waves to detect motion in the house.

The Wi-Fi-enabled system is included with Plume membership. It turns Plume's SuperPod hardware and enabled connected devices into motion sensors, so users don’t need any new hardware and can easily operate it via the Plume app.


Plume Motion can do –

  • Alert you when people come and go (children coming home from school)
  • Detect motion in areas where cameras may not be wanted (bedroom or bathroom)
  • Notify you when unexpected movement occurs in the house (potential intruder alert)

The app provides absolute control to work Plume Motion and you can customize the settings for when your family members arrive home, the motion of pets, automatically activate or deactivate the system or you can also remove any smart devices that you don’t want to use as a motion sensor so that you are always in command.

Plume plans to join Plume Adaptive WiFi™, HomePass®, and AI Security™ to detect motion in any area of the home.

Plume Motion can -

  • Trigger smart devices, such as heating or lights, when you come or go (home automation)
  • Alert you when there is a lack of movement (wellness monitoring)
  • Let you know if someone has fallen and could be hurt (eldercare)

In the future, Smart Home Services devices will be connected in day to day life and the company promises you to add new and exciting services for buyers through membership, costing $99/yr.

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