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Pibo Robot by Korean Company Circulus - Never Feel Alone Again

Pibo robot,  a cute companion robot designed by Korean company Circulus. The robot will keep its owners as soon as they wake up by serving as an alarm, recount the day's weather and more. It tells you the most important news of the day, plays music, takes pictures and reminds you of important events.

The functionality of these activities expands to the integration of home security, facial and voice recognition and more via the app available for both iOS and Android. Pibo can be controlled through voice commands, flashcards with QR codes and a dashboard application. Users can program their functions for the robot to apply.

Coming to spec, with a design similar to that of a man-made of marshmallows and the robot runs on Linux operating system customized by Circulus with a quad-core processor (1.4Ghz), 1GB of RAM, 3400mAh battery that offers about 2 hours of use for 5 hours of charging and a 5MP camera located in the mouth.

Users can send voice and text messages to your family or friends by using the app. If you want to take print or control display and USB memory by control with Pibo robot. The robot has a 2x 3W speaker, vibration sensor, 2x RGB LED, MEMS microphone to interact with peoples, a small 128 x 64 OLED display and a PIR sensor.

Greg David

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