PhoneSoap, the Phone Sanitizer to Wash Your ‘Third Hand’

PhoneSoap says that mobile phones are your third hand that you never wash. Also, gadgets are unable to wash easily with soap and water. In the current situation, it is also highly necessary to sanitize your gadgets. PhoneSoap even demands that an average phone is "18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet". Ew! That s too much! The product uses ultraviolet light to kill "99.99% of germs".

Well, how are we going to sanitize them? PhoneSoap is a device that helps you to sanitize your mobile phone using UV rays. It seems to be a magical sunbed for your phone. What we have to do is, open the lid of the PhoneSoap and keep your phone on the UV bed, close the lid. Now, wait for 5 minutes. Wooooosh!! all germs are gone! Just like that. Phones at any size are useful inside this. PhoneSoap

 Well, PhoneSoap is not only for the phones  anyways. The other gadgets like earbuds, earphones, computer mice, also, other unwashable things like banknotes, keys, jewelry and more can be sanitized through the device.

The PhoneSaop Pro follows the PhoneSoap 3, and with a large sanitizing bay, it packs twice the number of UV bulbs, promising to clean your device in half the time (just 5 minutes, instead of 10).

Design and usability of PhoneSoap Pro


The Phonesoap Pro is easy to use. Just plug it in, keep your device in it, close the lid, and the sterilization process will start automatically. The lightning icon illuminates the top of the device to show the process. If you want to pause the cleaning for any reason, you can put your finger on the lightning icon. After 5 minutes the light will go off and you are free to remove your device. You can even charge your device while the process goes on. There are USB-C and USB out socket for this purpose. This is not that essential as the device will; be in for only a 5minutes.

The exterior looks very light and bright, while the inside is a very bright and unattractive fingerprint magnet. If it's the surface that enables it to do its job, no words at all. There is the ‘Micro Suction Foot’ that promises to stabilize and anchor the surface.

The equipment and any other items you deal with regularly now seem like a good move to take. The only drawback here is that there is a delay in getting your hands on one of these. A PhoneSoap pro may be too late for this, but a PhoneSoap 3 (using the same technology) will be with you by mid-April.

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