Overcome the Slow Internet While You are Quarantined

Even if you are not sick you might be spending most of your time at your home as part of this Corona outbreak. Also, there are many people who are being in quarantined because of this. The outbreak has forced most of the companies give their employees the permission to work from home. It is a highly demanding time for the net speed. But at times the net speed can go down. What you will do at that moment? Well here are the tips to try out if your net speed goes down.

Replace your router

If your internet is slow, especially in certain sections of the home, the first thing you need to do is try to move your router. Especially if you set it up in the basement or media closet, anything between you and your router is slowing you down. Your router will be centered on your home, so it can equally reach any remote corners where your roommates are automatically exiled.

You can move the router to a less to the central position, but it can make a big difference. Sometimes removing it from a closet or behind a TV is enough to get you the bandwidth you need. Many routers can even set as wall- mounted, which will give you better signal quality and stay a bit out of sight.

Manage your connections

Most routers these days broadcast two different networks with the same name. One is the standard 2.4GHz network and the other is the busiest and fastest 5GHz network. Sometimes there will be network names that specify who you are, while others will only recognize the 5GHz network; Depends on who set up your Wi-Fi network.

Differences can be very complex, and the best depends on what you are connecting to, why you are using it, and other networks around you. For most settings, the 2.4GHz one has a higher range, but less congestion and less bandwidth. Try permanently moving some devices to the 5GHz network and see if this helps free things up.
Of course, this will only free up the bandwidth of your wireless network, which will still compete for the same data from your service provider

slow internet

You can reduce that need by streaming certain things directly to the device through your mobile phone connection or by turning it into a mobile hotspot. This is especially useful if you have unlimited mobile data, as this can affect your data cap very quickly. You can also reduce the amount of bandwidth you undertake for certain tasks. You can try changing your Netflix settings, so that it streams into the standard definition.

Upgrade your tools or project

If all else fails, your current plan or device may not be able to handle multiple connections at once. There are new 802.11ac or 802.11ax compatible routers that offer features such as better range, parental controls, and more speed.

There may also be some cases where you have a very slow cable plan. In that case it may be worth upgrading to a faster speed, which you can often do by phone. For most people, we expect their network problems to be more related to the router than their Internet plan.

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