OnePlus Online Store Hacked – Customer’s Personal Information Exposed

Smartphone maker OnePlus’s online store was hit by hackers and accessed some customers' personal information. The company’s official statement regarding this was, users’ order information, name, shipping address, phone number, and email address may have been breached. OnePlus confirmed that customers’ details such as passwords, payment information, and accounts are all safe.

OnePlus store was hacked back in January 2018 and stole credit card information from 40000 customers. The company did not officially confirm how many account details have been exposed and said they had stopped the intruder and reinforced security. OnePlus sent mails to affected customers and has also started an investigation about the security breach. The company warned users that they might receive phishing emails or spam following this. Although it’s not a big deal for users to receive spam, the company isn’t actually bothered about the exposed personal details of customers. Information such as contact numbers and home addresses are out there with someone, and the company hasn’t stated what it’s going to do to rectify this.

In OnePlus FAQ, the company promised to improve the security of its website and the online store and will be starting a bug bounty program at the end of December. The company has a tie-up with a world-renowned security platform now. The company also stated, that it has inspected its website thoroughly to officially confirm there are no more security loopholes that will exist.

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