Now protect your Google search records with passwords

Want to protect your Web and Activity tab, that shows all of your previous activity? The activity including searches, YouTube watch history, and Google Assistant questions. Well, Google has come up with a password-protection plan. Anyone who picks up a computer you're logging into might see your actions if you don't verify it.

Go to and press the Manage My Activity authentication link to allow the verification. You can then pick the choice for Need Extra Verification, save, and enter your password to ensure that you're the one attempting to make the move.

You don’t want to do the verification? Fine, but would you like if just going to will show the flow of your Google activities from all of your devices without requiring a password.

The process of turning on the verifications would force whoever is attempting to see the data to press the Verify button and type their Google account password before any history is shown. This can be a very convenient tool for someone who shares a computer or even allows others who are not trustworthy to use their system. You can also search the actions being saved by Google and whether they are auto-deleted when on the web and app lists. You should then decide whether the settings are satisfactory or not. If they aren't, this is the place where you can alter them.

With the unveiling of Android's latest Private Compute Core, a locked images archive, and the ability to easily uninstall the past 15 minutes of surfing in Chrome at Google's I/O keynote last week, the company talked a lot regarding privacy.

In short you can add an extra security to your Google visits and activities now. And the history will be shown to those who knows your private password. Check it now on your google account by going into

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