‘Next Generation of Media Apps for Windows’ is About to Build by Apple

The famous iPhone makers are now preparing to build the next generation of media apps for windows. Earlier this month Apple invited the potential candidates to join them for the same purpose. The job listing spotted in LinkedIn in search of senior software engineers declared, “join us and build the next generation of media apps for Windows.” It also asks for “experience with UWP is a big plus". This implies Apple wants to build the Universal Windows Platform version of Apple apps for Windows 10. In short we  can say Apple makes Windows’ Media Apps.


Apple’s latest macOS apps, like Podcasts, TV, and Music does not have a windows app at present. Even the Windows 10 PC users who also subscribe to the Apple music cannot access to it directly. They are in a state where they should use the web version of it as it doesn't have a dedicated app in windows.

Now, anyways, the effort of Apple to make the media apps dedicated to windows will help the windows users to have the advantages of apple service. Even though the arrival of these new media apps for windows is still vague. So, we will have to wait until the service becomes open for the Universal Windows Platform.

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