New Shopping Section in Google

Google launches a shopping section in the search results. It is an addition to the normal search engine. Through this, one can easily shop for popular products like shoes, clothes and more. While searching, you always used to see links from Google. But from the 17th of January, you will be able to see clothes from different sellers.

This leads to easier shopping by comparing several sites and sellers at one glance. Without this feature, you have to get into the sites differently to see what they offer in the genre. This consumes a lot of energy and time as well. Users can even read the review. But to buy the product you will have to log into the site as usual.

“To make this feature possible, Google indexes and organizes products from over a million online shops, and updates this information regularly. Just as we don’t charge sites to be part of the Google Search index, participating retailers appear in this new feature for free.” Google said in a blog.

Google says it will accelerate the organic traffic and help the sellers. This shopping section in Google will help people search for more time in Google itself as users will not have to leave it. Google is trying to add up new features to encourage users and improve their online experience.

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