LG's PuriCare- LG is loading an air purifier mask powered through battery

LG has officially announced its latest product- the portable air purifier, the PuriCare wearable air purifiers. It holds replaceable filters similar to those in the air purifiers for the house. It let you breathe through the collaboration of these filters with the fans powered by a battery.

The mask was first announced in July 2020. While the announcement they conveyed that they will give away 2000 pieces for free to the university hospital in Seoul. The decision made due to the hope of an executive of the firm to help the medical employees in the Covid19 pandemic.

While the recent announcement, that took place in August 2020, didn’t put any effort to mention the pandemic visibly. But it entails that the mask has been building as a response to it. The company has informed that the mask was created to replace the disposable masks that are short in supply and incompatible homemade masks used by some people.

The press release even didn’t address whether the filter purifies the air both when you inhale and exhale. They refused to talk more about the product as it is waiting to complete the certification and testing.

This is an important distinction because masks are more about preventing the wearer from spreading infection and helping to prevent the wearer from receiving infection. The Centers for Disease Control in the US have already recommended avoiding the masks with exhalation valves as they don’t filter the respiratory droplets that are expelled.

To start working, PuriCare has to get fuel since it utilizes motorized fans. LG says the PuriCare Portable Air Purifier has an 820mAh battery. It offers up to 8 hours of use in its low-power mode, falling to only two hours in high-power mode. The announcement by LG does not specify exactly when will they release the mask be, or what it will cost. But it states that it will be available in "select markets" in the fourth quarter of this year. Let us wait and watch what will be the ultimate result of PuriCare

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