LG Stylo 6- A Review

LG Stylo6 is a wide $300 phone with an inbuilt stylus. It comes up with a 6.8 inch and 1080 pixel LCD. Also, they come up with refresh rates of 60Hz and fine bezels. The screen of it is vivid and bright and the presence of stereo speakers allows better watching of videos. Since the phone is big it is not comfortable in hands.

Stylo 6 offers 3G RAM and Mediatek Helio P35 chipset. This combination of RAM and processor won't provide the desired power to the phone. Also, switching between apps and the camera suffering from low processing speeds are other problems. It has a battery of 4000mAh and provides a screen on time of a day and two more hours plus. But the heavier use of Spotify, Google maps, and social media would challenge the battery life.

There is another configuration with 64 GB storage and microSD facilities. It comes up with Android 10 and a lot of games and apps which are not required. So it is said that Stylo 6 would see an Android 11 update form.

LG STYLO 6- A smartphone

Stylus features of Stylo6

The Stylus feature could be used to take notes, mark the screenshots and GIF files with notes, and allows drawing anything to your partner through texts. Advanced features are seen in Galaxy Note like handwriting to text conversion and making use of the stylus as a remote form. These features could not be seen in Stylo6. Although the users are surprised by the stylus feature, they give up using it in Stylo6 since it looks terrible. Users say that they appreciate the feature if they could make quick notes without even turning the screen on.

Stylo 6 camera

It has,

  • The main camera of 13 megapixel
  • The sensor of 5-megapixel ultra-wide and 5-megapixel depth and
  • It gives better quality images.

By adjusting the white balance a nostalgic based quality could be achieved. At other times, images look cool. Stylo6 manages the contrast scenes more beautifully. Preview images might be dark but the HDR effect on the final image would be more balanced.

The camera faces problems in portrait mode due to the low power processor. The preview would be laggy and it becomes worse when the shutter is pushed on and you have to wait for the image to be processed. For about 6 seconds you have to wait in order to take another image.

The images Stylo6 take are ok but while considering its price, its capabilities are lagging.


Stylo 6 has many good benefits like better price, inbuilt stylus, widescreen, and efficient battery life. But its major shortcoming is its poor processor. In comparison, One Plus Nord N10 5G, has a fine processor and a camera at $300. Motorola Moto G Power 2021 has a fine processor and battery at $200. Both of them do not contain a stylus. 2021 MotoG Stylus has an upgraded camera and brings out a better performance. So, if speed is not your matter of concern and you point out only the stylus function and the price, LG Stylo6 is the best option.

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