Is Facial Recognition Completely Adaptable and Safe ?

The Canadian Border Service is going to upgrade its automated system to facial recognition technology. The iris scanners has replaced to simplify the identification process by improving efficiency with security.

Nexus could be the first North America government-sponsored services to adopt facial recognition. It could be a initial program, that may spread facial recognition to other services as well in North America. Within years the government will adopt the technology for solving the domestic policy challenges. But whether facial recognition technology is, that safe?

Facial-Recognition-Biometrics-to-Dominate-SmartphonesIn fingerprint, the scanners generate an image of the ridges and valleys that make up a fingerprint. But instead of sensing the print using light, the capacitors use electrical current. Facial recognition uses visual data. Also, it seeks, analyzes, and stores identifying facial information in a database, which is then use for comparing with new images and videos.

While talking about the security we should say, in fingerprint and iris scanners, the scanning will be with the knowledge of the subject. That is, normally, the scanning is not possible without the knowledge of the subject. But in the case of face recognition, the face can be recognized easily even at a distance.

As you don’t have to touch or look in a scanner, face recognition is a much easier automation system. In short, for fingerprint and iris scans, a “transaction moment” with “consent” is build into the technology itself. For facial recognition, the transaction moment of consent is not required by the technology. It only requires the appropriate policy.

The technology will improve day by day and within years it will be superior to a human in identifying people even if it has problems now. But if we talk about the situation of Nexus, the government will have to ensure the data will not be misused and the members will have security. There are many concerns about privacy and security with the application of face recognition. Therefore, before adopting it the pioneers should confirm the giant surveillance is not being abused. Otherwise it is hard for adapting facial recognition completely.

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