Invisible Solar Panels

The use of renewable sources of energy is increasing. Solar energy is one of the richest sources available on Earth. Thus, making extreme use of it is possible. Opaque solar cells are in great numbers. But their use in everyday materials is not up to the demand. So an innovation to generate electricity- Invisible Solar Panels has been developed. The team led by Prof. Joondong Kim from Incheon National University in Korea demonstrates an invisible solar panel. Using the properties of nickel oxide and titanium dioxide, they were able to develop one of the most efficient and transparent solar panels.

Prof Kim says that these transparent solar cells will have endless use in different human applications. For their discovery, they made use of two semiconductor materials like titanium dioxide and nickel oxide.

Invisible solar panel

Features of TiO2

  • Non-toxic
  • Environment friendly
  • TiO2 absorbs the ultraviolet light and lets the visible light through it. This causes them to be invisible

Features of NiO

  • Optical Transparency.
  • Abundant in nature
  • Its oxide form can be manufactured at low temperatures.
  • Make eco-friendly solar cells.
  • At present, the rate of efficiency is only 2%.

Advantages of Invisible Solar Panels

  • They work at low temperatures.
  • Can be placed on any surfaces, infrastructure, consumer products.
  • Looks like glass.
  • High Efficiency
  • Provide a cost-effective use of energy
  • Fixed at any place
  • Easy to use

In the future, the focus is on how to increase the rate of efficiency of the solar cell. A detailed study showed that a coat of AgNW (alcohol-based sol-gel) on the photoactive layer will lead to better performance. Thus, in the coming future, we can expect a very innovative and more productive solar cell applicable to any sector.

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