Intelligent headphones for you

Turning your headphones into a smart one.

Turning your headphones into a smart one.

The Rutgers engineers have come up with an easy and cheap way of transforming your headphones into sensors. Thereby plugging them to find out the users, monitoring the heart rates, and performing other services.

The naming of the invention is HeadFi. It is based on a small plug-in headphone adapter that turns the headphone into a sensing device. Usually, the regular type headphones lack the presence of sensors. While HeadFi helps you to avoid buying those smart headphones to enjoy the sensing features.

Xiaoran Fan said that the Headfi can turn the existing type of headphones into intelligent types with a simple up-gradation. Xiaoran Fan is one of the Rutgers doctoral graduates who had done this research during the final year at the Rutgers University. Now, he is working at Samsung Artificial Intelligence Center.

Today, headphones are becoming a popular wearable device and they are becoming more intelligent when different functions appear like touch-related gesture control, etc. These functions mainly depend upon the sensors like microphones, gyroscopes, and accelerometers which are found on different smart headphones.

HeadFi makes use of the two drivers present inside the headphones and turns it into a versatile sensor, and works by connecting it to a smartphone. They do not require the need of adding the auxiliary type of sensors and do not require any change in the headphone hardware or requires the need of customizing the headphones. By moving to the Head-Fi option, the converted headphones could perform different sensing tasks and play the music simultaneously.

Engineers have performed experiments with over 53 volunteers using different pairs of headphones with prices ranging from $2 to $ 15000. HeadFi was said to achieve a 97.2 to 99.5 accuracy on the identification of the users, 97 to 99 percent on recognizing the gestures, and finally, 96 to 99 percent on monitoring the heart rate.

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