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Instagram Restrict – a new shadow ban feature to control bullies

People who posts abusive, annoying or offensive comments on Instagram posts of users are big time bullies and this is where Instagram restrict feature makes things interesting in the new update. This roll out will help users restrict people who exhibit bullying or harassing behavior by in the form of comments on users’ posts. The feature was being tested on the public since July and will soon be available to all users. You can select the restrict feature by swiping left on a comment or by heading to the Privacy tab in settings. Instagram posted on its blog, “comments on your posts from a person you have restricted will only be visible to that person.”

Users can view the comments from the restricted account by just tapping on a message that appears. After that they can decide whether to change it to public view or keep the comment open to anyone, delete or ignore. Instagram also blocks notifications on comments coming from a restricted account, and all these are similar to Twitter’s muted system. The direct messages from restricted profiles will go to message requests rather than to your chat list.

Users will be able to see direct messages from restricted accounts on their inbox. But restricted profiles won’t be able to know if users have read their direct messages and can’t identify when it's been read or if users are online on Instagram. This feature for users to protect themselves from bullying accounts was rolled out as an additional precaution apart from the already available block accounts and manage comments feature. According to Instagram, bullying and harassment have been going on for a couple of years and it was time to act.

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